Hello all!

We are two sisters, Melissa and Hallie, who love to cook and constantly make changes to our homes (changes both big and small!).

Our love of cooking comes from our Mommom who was an amazing cook and always went the extra mile to make things special for all of us.  Our constant need to make changes to our home comes from our Mom who was always doing something to the 1870’s house we grew up in.

A little more about each of us…

Hi I’m Hallie and just recently got married in March.  The past few months have seemed to fly by!  We are still in the process of fixing up our home and I am still discovering my ever evolving tastes when it comes to decorating.  As far as cooking is concerned, I am always trying new things and finding new obsessions.  My current obsession is Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  I really think I could just eat it by the spoonful!  I am very excited to share with you all of my successes and failures as I find my next new obsessions.

 Hello!  I’m Melissa and a wife to my sweet hubby and mom to 3 kids who are growing up way too fast!  I love to cook, but especially love to bake.  I try to stay healthy and homemade as much as it’s possible with picky kids and a child with food sensitivities.  

Our house is always a work in progress as our home improvement journey has taken us from builder’s basic to the place we lovingly call home!  I am excited to use this creative outlet to share my love for the yummy, fun, and sometimes messy adventures in my crazy, but wonderful life!


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